8 Activities to Start the Semester

The start of the new semester and new year are upon us! As schools open their doors again, club meetings are just around the corner. After a long and cold winter break, there are various activities your chapter can do in order to encourage new members and pull back current members. I have listed 8 activities below for all of you in order to start of 2018 with a bang!

1.     Volunteer!
Giving back is such an important part of Phi Beta Lambda. Check your local homeless shelters and soup kitchens for volunteer opportunities. They are usually in need of some extra help around the holiday season.

2.     Homeless Kits

      Pack a pair of socks, mouthwash, hand warmers or gloves, a non-perishable snack, and a water bottle in gallon plastic bags. Hand them out in the local area as a group or donate them to a local shelter.

3. Find S’More Members!

     As the semester begins, students are looking for activities in which they can meet new people and stay warm. Host an event with s’mores and a “campfire” on campus to recruit new members.

4. Partner With Another Student Organization

    Partnering with another organization such as your Student Government Organization allows for great promotion for all involved parties.

5. Host a Casino Night

    This is both a fundraiser and a fun way to promote your chapter. Students can pay for an entry ticket that allows them to play the games. Have your members hosting various tables  and activities. Keep track of winners of each game and have a small raffle of prizes at the end of the night.

6. Hold a Resume Prep Session

    Around the time of university career fairs, students scramble to prepare their resumes and   cover letters. Ask a professor (or your advisor!) to assist your members in reviewing students’    resumes and letters. Create a sample resume for students to view as well. This typically works   best a week prior to the career fair.

7. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of 15-20 items that teams must find and photograph across campus. This is a
great way for new students to become more familiar with the campus grounds. Try doing his
during busy hours when students are walking across campus to better promote your chapter. Ask members to wear PBL gear during the hunt if possible.

8. Create Social Media Pages for Your Chapter!

    If your chapter does not have social media, now is great time to start! Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent marketing resources. Take photos of your chapters participating in exciting events and post them to Instagram and Facebook! Use Twitter and Facebook to mention club meeting times and upcoming chapter events. Be sure to follow students from  your university.


-Amanda Willis, PA PBL Pesident